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Dmitry Pimonov - Photo

Dmitry Igorevich Pimonov born on 15 February 1991. Inspired by music since childhood of such groups as Linkin Park, 3Doors Down, Nickelback, wanted to learn to play the guitar. When I was 18 years old I got my first guitar. Everything began with the search in the Internet the tabs of the most favourite musical groups and the analysis of different techniques. A year later I understood that I want to create musical compositions and started to study the musical theory. It was difficult, but very exciting at the same time. I began to not just play, but also to understand the music.

It was proceeding for some time, I started to write my own compositions. They were mostly simple strumming or playing chords. And one day my friend came to me and showed a video that dramatically changed the direction of my work. It was a video of the American guitar player Andy Mckee, who performed his composition «Drifting». Within 15 minutes I was simply shocked, trying to understand how is it possible to use a guitar that way: to beat on the frame, but thus playing quite melodious tune. I started to look for similar videos on the Internet and I learned that this style of game is called as Fingerstyle. This moment has opened for me a whole new world of beautiful guitar music.

During the next several years I was listening and analyzing certain music of various guitarists, such as Trace Bundy, Yuki Matsui, Owen Van Larkins, Kotaro Oshio, Antoine Dufour. Then I continue to write my own compositions. Sincere Affection became the first composition in this style. Since then, I gradually continue to write something new.

Also lately some duet compositions were written. The first, called Searching The Way, was written with Alexander Marchukov, who was the drummer and now the «Mayatnic» group’s guitarist. The second composition – is the other version of Lost Among The Images. One day I wish I played it duet with some guitarist, who plays the same style. The third composition called «Let The Years Go» was co-written with Ivan Peshkov. You can listen it here.

At the beginning of 2015, I and my good friend Sergey Retivykh founded a guitar duet called «A-Chord». We play our own compositions as well as covers of beautiful songs.

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