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  • Guitar player

    To learn to play the guitar (Lipetsk).

    I got enormous experience during my playing the guitar. I can teach musical notation, guitar techniques, improvisations, and also bases of the creation of own musical compositions.

  • Skype guitar lessons

    To sign up for guitar lessons via Skype.

    If you do not live in Lipetsk, but want to learn to play the guitar, you can sign up for guitar lessons via Skype.

  • Guitar video lessons

    To learn to play the guitar by watching video lessons.

    In 2014 I began to develop a full training video lessons, which would allow anyone to learn to play the guitar from the beginning. The main priorities in the development of the course are systematic approach and high-quality material. Learn more on the «Lessons» page.

  • Musician plays music

    To organize music accompaniment for some party, wedding or other action.

    Live music imbued with feelings and emotions. Create a cozy atmosphere for your holiday, inviting professional guitar player!

  • Sheet of music

    To arrange any song for a guitar.

    Want to play your favorite song, but nothing on the Internet? Select any song, and I'll arrange it on the guitar. When it's done, you'll get files in GTP and PDF formats. The cost depends of the complexity and your personal wishes.

  • Guitar

    To get help in the creation of music.

    You've got songs or chord progression, but you feel that something is missing. Email me and we'll find how to develop your music.

  • Pen

    To get some advice.

    Thinking about buying an instrument? Or maybe you need help setting it up or changing a guitar strings? Email me any questions you may have on the guitar theme, perhaps I already have the answer. :)

  • Studio

    To invite a session musician.

    You are ready to record in the studio, but there is no one who could play a guitar part? Contact me. I can help with the recording of an acoustic guitar in different styles: fingerstyle, rock, jazz and others.

  • Playing Live

    To invite a musician to perform.

    You love fingerstyle and want to see me in your city? Write me a message. :)

To discuss some questions, go to «Contact».