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How to play the guitar


You are welcome to visit Dmitry Pimonov’s official site, who is a solo acoustic fingerstyle guitarist. If you want to:

  • Book

    learn a bit of history, go to «Biography».

  • Acoustic guitar

    learn to play the guitar, organize the music accompaniment for some event or invite a musician to perform, go to «Services».

  • Guitar Video Lessons

    learn more about the guitar video lessons, go to «Lessons».

  • Video Camera

    listen to author's music, go to «Video».

  • Photos

    see some photos of a musician, go to «Photo».

  • Scores and tabs

    get notes and tabs of some compositions, go to «Tabs».

  • Social Network

    know about the last events, go to VK group and subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

  • Notebook

    discuss some questions, go to «Contact».